A Summer Series? Spaces of my Dissertation

A series. Of pictures. Of dots and lines on the map. A few lines to explain or share.  Some colours. Sometimes just plain text.

A series to reveal the where of the dissertation. Because a dissertation is not just research. It is institutions, universities, libraries – very normative frames. But it is also a desk – often so many desks, cafés, benches, the curb of the pavement. A plane perhaps, or a waiting room. And research is mobile and translates timewise: it happens in the head, on the train to wherever, cycling to wherever.

French, English, maybe Italian. Sometimes with a translation. Sometimes you use G* Translate (or you don’t).

Say, on a daily basis. Like a Summer series? That little spin to get you into writing?

Challenge taken.

Benvenuti nei #LuoghiDellaTesi
This is #SpacesOfMyDissertation
Bienvenue dans #LesLieuxDeLaThese

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Déborah Dubald (2018, July 19). A Summer Series? Spaces of my Dissertation. History, on the road. Retrieved June 18, 2024, from https://doi.org/10.58079/sj1h

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