History, On the Road

Our project of a notebook was born from observed realities. It is commonly said that historians are increasingly challenged with diversifying languages, perspectives, sources, methodologies which affect their practices, which they are in turn expected to question under these expanding lights. In practice, we have often experienced, as researchers from the European University Institute in Florence, how the presence of a wide range of spoken languages can both be an asset as well as raising colossal obstacles in communication and/or intellectual activity. All our individualities, doubled with very distinct backgrounds, cultural references, methodologies, practices lead to both doing or un-doing encounters. “History, On the road” was thought as a place where the linguistic, intellectual and practical mobility of historians can be put under scrutiny, especially as to how it affects the production of historical research. The diversity of historical practices, which we presume result from these mobilities, are offered a place of convergence to become visible.

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